[MULTI] Wings of Desire (1987) Criterion Collection 1080p Blu-ray AVC DTS-HD MA 5.1


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Jul 4, 2017
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 Year.............: 1987
 Country..........: Germany
 Runtime..........: 128 minutes
 Audio............: German, with some French & English; DTS-HD 5.1 (2 Mbps)
 Subtitles........: English
 Video Format.....: Blu-Ray BD50, 1080p, Mpeg-4 AVC
 Aspect Ratio.....: 15:9 (OAR)
 DVD Format.......: n/a
 DVD Source.......: BD50
 DVD Distributor..: Criterion
 Program..........: Not my rip, the OP says AnyDVD & region free.
 Average Bit Rate.: 24 Mbps

DVD-Audio........: All Untouched

Extras :
The Angels Among Us - a documentary from 2003 containing interviews with director Wim Wenders; writer Peter Handke; actors Peter Falk, Bruno Ganz, and Otto Sander; Brad Silberling, director of City of Angels; and composer Jurgen Knieper. (44 min, 1080i/60Hz).

Cinema Cinemas - "Wim Wenders Berlin Jan. 87" is from an episode of the French television program Cinema Cinemas. It was directed by Claude Ventura and first broadcast on February 17, 1987. (10 min, 1080i/60).

Deleted Scenes and Outtakes - nine deleted scenes accompanied by an audio documentary by director Wim Wenders. The outtakes are presented only with music. (1080i/60).

Gallery - a gallery of stills with information addressing their origin.

Alekan '85 - excerpted conversations with cinematographer Henri Alekan - shot by filmmaker Andre Bonzel in November 1985, when he was a student at the Belgian film school INSAS - taken from an unfinished documentary about the legendary cinematographer. (11 min, 1080i/60).

Alekan la lumiere - excerpts from the 1985 documentary Alekan la lumiere, in which legendary cinematographer Henri Alekan discusses his techniques with director Wim Wenders. The documentary first aired on French television on August 4, 1988, and was directed by Michel Dumoulin. (28 min, 1080i/60)

Remembrance - excerpts from a 1982 film directed by Bruno Ganz and Otto Sander about actor Curt Bois, who plays Homer in Wings of Desire. (30 min, 1080i/60).

Trailers - the German theatrical trailer (2 min, 1080p) and "Wen Wunderts" promo trailer (2 min, 1080i/60).

Audio commentary - the commentary features director Wim Wenders and star Peter Falk. It was edited in 2009 by independent DVD producer Mark Rance from over six hours of interviews he conducted in August and September 1996 and March 1997.


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